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Solange Ashby

Solange Ashby is an Independent Scholar. From late August 2020 she will be teaching at the University of Nebraska, Omaha Black Studies Department, and from January 2021 she will be an Adjunct ProfessorĀ in the Department of Classics and Ancient Studies atĀ Barnard College, New York. She earned her PhD in Egyptology and Nubiology at the University of Chicago.

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Calling Out to Isis

The Enduring Nubian Presence at Philae
ISBN: 978-1-4632-0715-1
The expansion of the cult of the goddess Isis throughout the Mediterranean world demonstrates the widespread appeal of Egyptian religion in the Greco-Roman period. In this monograph, Ashby focuses on an oft-neglected population in studies of this phenomenon: Nubian worshipers. Through examination of prayer inscriptions and legal agreements engraved on temple walls, as well as Ptolemaic royal decrees and temple imagery, Ashby sheds new light on the involvement of Nubians in the Egyptian temples of Lower Nubia, and further draws comparisons between Nubian cultic practices and the Meroitic royal funerary cult.